Is your child's favorite drink juice or soda?
Does your child have to have fruit snack before bedtime?
Is candy something your child can't go a day without?
Do you want your child's teeth to look like this when they grow up?
Get the Free 60 minute training on how to prevent your children's teeth from being the laughing stock on the playground. 
The Kids Oral Care Training will take you through a session where I use my daughter (a very willing participant) and go through the proper dental techniques that I use to help ensure that golden smile for her and I. 
Dr. Jarrett L. Manning aka Dr. Jarrett is an accredited dentist, practice owner, business and life coach, author, wife, and mother. 

Today, Dr. Jarrett is the owner and practitioner of JLM Dentistry in Atlanta, Georgia and is also the founder of Beyond Her Smile, a non-profit organization that advances positivity among young girls and exposes them to the fields of dentistry and medicine. 
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